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About the unit

At Kingston Maternity Unit, our philosophy of care is to ensure women are at the centre of our service. We strive to make every birth special and ensure your hopes and expectations are met in this special experience.

We are committed to continually improving our services to ensure that you receive excellent standards of safety and high quality care.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on our services and the care we provide to you.

Gina Brockwell
Director of Midwifery

Having your baby with Kingston Maternity Team

Having Your Baby At Khft

Why choose to have your baby at Kingston
Why choose to have your baby at Kingston "We had a wonderful experience at Kingston hospital and would highly recommend this hospital to any expecting parents"
Meet the members of our Team Kingston's Maternity Services are provided by a close multi-professional team.
How You Can Help
How You Can Help Support Kingston Hospital's Maternity Unit by making a donation or taking part in an event.
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