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Care Quality Commission Rates Maternity Services Good Overall

Wednesday 31 August 2016

The Care Quality Commission has today (14th July 2016) published its Chief Inspector of Hospitals report into Kingston Hospital’s services following a comprehensive inspection in January this year. 

The CQC has rated all eight of the Trust’s services as ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ for Caring and five of the services have been rated as ‘Good’ overall.  The five rated as ‘Good’ are Surgery (including Theatres and Anaesthetics); Critical Care; Maternity and Gynaecology; Services for Children and Young People and End of Life Care. 

The CQC has rated Urgent and Emergency Services; Medical Care and Outpatients and Diagnostic Imaging as ‘Requires Improvement’.

The Inspectors reported that ‘people were treated with kindness, dignity, respect and compassion’, ‘People who used the services and those close to them were involved as partners in their care’  and ‘People were given appropriate and timely support and information to cope emotionally with their care, treatment or condition.’ The inspectors also reported that the organisation is well-led and found ‘there was a clear vision and set of values, with quality and safety the top priority, which was understood by staff.’

The Chief Inspector of Hospitals highlighted that ‘Staff were observed to take the time to interact with people who used the service and those close to them in a respectful and considerate manner.  They showed an encouraging, sensitive and supportive attitude towards people.’

Chief Inspector of Hospitals Prof Sir Mike Richards said:

“We were impressed that staff across all levels of the organisation considered the culture of the organisation to be one focused on ensuring that patients received safe, high quality care. Staff were well versed in the values of the organisation and this came through when we met staff.”

Despite five out of eight services being rated as ‘Good’ the Trust has been rated overall as ‘Requires Improvement’.

The inspectors highlighted in the report a number of areas of outstanding practice they observed during the inspection:

  • A comprehensive Dementia Strategy in place and a dedicated dementia improvement lead supporting the enhancement of services;
  • Outpatients Patient Pathway Coordinators having a positive impact on effectiveness of appointment arrangements;
  • The volunteers’ invaluable contribution across all parts of the Hospital;
  • The End of Life Care team and staff of all disciplines having an ‘impressive understanding’ of their role in supporting people at the end of life;
  • The Wolverton Centre for providing good sexual health services for young and vulnerable people and those with a learning disability;
  • The Paediatric Diabetes team who were a top performer in the National Diabetes audit last year;
  • Critical Care Physiotherapists reducing length of stay through early implementation of rehabilitation;
  • The Stroke team receiving an A rating in the National Stroke Sentinel Audit.

Commenting on the report Chief Executive Ann Radmore said:

“We very much welcome the thorough inspection and examination of our services by the CQC and I am delighted that the CQC saw for themselves the many strengths and ‘Good’ areas in this Trust and identified that across the board we offer very caring services to our patients.  Their findings have largely confirmed what we already know about this Hospital and in particular the areas that have received a Requires Improvement rating were identified by our staff, clinical leaders and the board as the three services that required the most improvement and highlighted these ourselves at the beginning of the inspection in January.

“I am pleased to report that work is already well underway to address the issues raised by the inspection team and we have made a great deal of progress.  The progress in A&E, Medicine and Outpatients and Diagnostics is very much down to the whole Hospital working together to deliver improvements and I am very confident that we will continue to see further changes. We will also be extending our work with partners outside the hospital to reach the standards we all want to see and will work with the CQC and our key stakeholders to finalise an action plan."

Kingston Hospital CQC Inspection Ratings:


CQC Grid

The CQC have outlined some actions that we must undertake following their report. These include:

  1. Ensure that individuals who lack capacity are subjected to a mental capacity assessment and best interest decisions where they require restraint and that this information is recorded in the patient record.
  2. Make improvements to ensure medicines are not accessible to unauthorised persons; are stored safely, and in accordance with recommended temperatures.
  3. Make improvements to the systems for monitoring of equipment maintenance and safety checks in order to assure a responsive service.
  4. Ensure that the Duty of Candour is adhered to by including a formal apology within correspondence to relevant persons and records kept.
  5. Ensure the management, governance and culture in A&E, supports the delivery of high quality care.
  6. Improve the quality and accuracy of performance data in A&E, and increase its use in identifying poor performance and areas for improvement.
  7. Ensure all identified risks are reflected on the A&E risk register and timely action is taken to manage risks.

The Trust takes these actions very seriously and have put plans in place to ensure these are undertaken.

We will be working with staff across the Hospital and key local stakeholders to complete these actions as quickly as possible.

Please click here for the full CQC report.

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