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Why choose to have your baby at Kingston

Why Choose To Have Your Baby At Kingston

Kingston has a popular maternity service with over 5,900 babies born here last year. We encourage women to self refer (using our online service) as soon as they are pregnant. This enables a Kingston midwife to arrange a 'booking assessment' appointment and discuss their individual journey throughout the pregnancy and beyond. Currently over 90% of women have received their first appointment and an ultrasound scan, by the time they are 13 weeks pregnant (44% of women before 9 weeks).

During the pregnancy, a Kingston midwife will provide care and co-ordinate other services that may be required. More information about this, screening information and services such as our education and well being centre, can be found in the 'Your Pregnancy' section of the website. Antenatal appointments commonly will take place at a local children centre, health centre, at an outreach site or at Kingston hospital (click here for locations).

When planning a location for birth, Kingston offers homebirth (provided by a small team of midwives), an alongside midwife led unit (malden suite) and a labour ward. The majority of healthy pregnant women will be recommended to plan for birth at home or on the malden suite.

This year we celebrated malden suite's 10 year anniversary, and malden is proud to be one of the most popular midwife led units in London, where on average 100 women (20% of births) give birth every month, using facilities such as the birthing pools, cub stools, bean bags and mats.

In 2013, the CQC Women’s Maternity survey rated Kingston Hospital’s Maternity Service, among the best in the country, for two out of the three categories which included women’s experience of care during labour.

In addition to this Kingston maternity services was assessed and achieved the highest level of safety standard in the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) assessment, which looked at how well the service is organised, governed and how safe the care is.

Finally, last year Kingston’s Midwifery Supervisory Team were congratulated in the Local Supervising Authority annual audit on the excellent progress they had made. Midwifery supervision has now been superceded by PMA's and the Professional Midwifery Advocate team has a dedicated clinic for women who require expertise and support regarding planning their care and an opportunity to discuss previous birth experiences (birth reflections).


Having Consultant-led private care at Kingston 

As a private patient you will receive consultant-led care throughout your pregnancy and birth, complemented by the support of our private midwife and specialist team of paediatricians, anaesthetists, radiologists, sonographers and physiotherapists. Your consultant will deliver your baby in the main Kingston hospital maternity unit and once you and your baby have been discharged, you will be transferred to your private room in BMI Coombe Wing for post-natal care. 

The dedicated postnatal en-suite bedrooms are cleaned on a daily basis and will be prepared for your arrival with fresh linen, a dressing gown, toiletries, fresh fruit and refreshments. We will also provide free gift packs with toiletries, a special edition BMI Healthcare bear and a Bounty gift pack.

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2013 Kingston Maternity Statistics

Number of births: 5763

Performance measure Kingston Maternity Local Average
Woman seen by midwife before 12 weeks and 6 days 89.55% 82.43%
Smoking at time of birth 3.34% 5.60%
Breastfeeding rates 85.15% 72.71%
Normal vaginal births 37.23% 38.98%
Vaginal birth after caesarean 69.33% 66.47%
Instumental births 15.72% 15.59%
Planned caesarean section rate 13.15% 10.72% 
Unplanned caesarean section rate 14.21%  14.77%
Induction of labour rate 20.24%  21.91% 
Obstetric led (labour ward) birth 78.90%  77.67% 
Midwife led unit (malden) births 19.49%  13.97% 
Home births 0.98%  1.45% 
Midwife to births ratio 1:32  1:29 
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