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Home Birth


Birthplace study in England, 2011

Home has been shown to be a safe place for many women to give birth


Deciding where to have your baby is an important decision for you and your partner. We believe that you should give birth in an environment where you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

We are proud of the increasing homebirth rate in Kingston, supported by our new homebirth team launched in June 2014. The homebirth service is delivered by a small number of experienced midwives, who are passionate about homebirth. The maternity service and homebirth team are dedicated to improving homebirth provisions in the local area and providing a safe and a positive experience for families.

Read about home birth stories below.


Jo's Story

“It was a great experience to have Mabel at home. I felt much more relaxed which helped with the labour.  My husband was much happier not having to worry about when to go to hospital, and the experience afterwards was a lot better."

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Eryn 188X139

Eryn's Story

“It was lovely to have the privacy and space of my own house. I didn’t need to worry about when to go to the hospital, I could just concentrate on what was going on in my body. Being in your own home enables you to express your preferences with more confidence.”

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Helen 188X139

Helen's Story

“I have no doubt that being at home played a huge part in helping me to relax and enjoy labour. Home is the place where I feel most safe and secure.”

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Have you experienced homebirth?

We would love to hear about your story. Please send it with a photo in an email to homebirth@kingstonhospital.nhs.uk and mention if you would be happy for both the picture and story to be shared on this page.

Homebirth Kingston

Homebirth Kingston is an active community group for those considering where and how to give birth. The group meets on the 3rd Monday of the month in members' homes for sharing ideas, research, inspiration, stories and resources. We lend out home birth related books and birthing pool. The group is free, and donations are welcome. Visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/HomebirthKingston for updates or email homebirthinKingston@gmail.com The group is free to join.



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