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Malden Suite – Midwife Led Unit

 Malden Suite

Kingston maternity service offers women three choices of location to birth their baby. The Malden suite is a popular alongside Midwife Led Unit and this year we celebrated 10 years of offering healthy women a relaxed environment equiped with facilities and birth aids to support normal labour and birth.


Claire's experience

"Our midwives were so kind and caring. They put us at ease and ensured we had the birth we were hoping for."


Labour care and support is provided by a small team of experienced midwives, supported by maternity support workers, and others to enhance the womans experience. We believe in listening to women and their partners, and working in partnership to ensure physiological birth is facilitated, care is safe and the birth experience is optimised.

We encourge women to plan to birth on the malden suite if they have a healthy pregnancy, a normal delivery is planned and labour is spontaneous (happens on its own) after 37 weeks. You do not need to 'book' to have your baby on malden suite, this decision can be made at any time, even at the start of labour.  During pregnancy a midwife or obstetrician will have an individualised discussion regarding your birth plan, which will include a recommendation regarding place of birth.

Some women may have additonal needs in pregnancy or factors present that may mean extra consideration is needed when planning location of birth and care in labour. In these circumstaces women who believe malden suite is the best location for them, will have an a discussion and birth plan with a supervisor of midwives (this can be arranged through the antenatal midwife).

A large English study found that outcomes for healthy women who labour and birth on a midwife led unit were better with less intervention and a greater chance of experiencing a normal delivery. Women who start their labour on a midwife led unit and susequently transfered to the labour ward equally appear to have improved outcomes.

The online tour is a useful tool to view the birth environment.

Choosing Malden Suite

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Malden Suite facilities

  • 4 birthing rooms
  • 2 pools for labour and birth
  • 3 postnatal beds
  • Birthing stools, cub stool, bean bags, floor mats and birthing balls to support active labour


What pain relief is available?

Your birth preferences are important to us and you will be supported in your chosen method of pain relief and your own coping mechanisms for labour and birth. There is no epidural service on malden suite. In the event that your wish to have an epidural we will arrange transfer to the Labour Ward, which is located on the same floor as malden suite.

Commonly used options include: Breathing techniques, hypnobirthing, active birth, mobilsing, using birth aids such as mats, balls, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) (You will need to provide your own), entonox (gas and air), pethidine and two birthing pools are available for hydrotherapy and birth.

What happens when I go into labour?

Contact our midwives on triage on the Direct Line: 0208 546 2802. A Midwife will ask you some questions about your labour and advise you what to do next. There is no need to book a room. 

What happens if my labour or birth doesn’t go to plan?

Malden suite is located a short distance from labour ward and theatres.  There is timely access to a team of doctors including Obstetricians, Paediatricians and Anaesthetists dependant on need.

After birth and going home

Partners are welcomed to stay in hospital for the duration of the stay. The postnatal rooms are equiped with fould out chairs for overnight.

The midwife will discuss an individual discharge plan soon after birth. Many women choose to return home within a few hours of birth, the average length of stay on malden is 8 hours

If you or your baby develop complications and need a longer stay there are postnatal beds available for you on the Maternity Unit.


They are available for mothers and special dietary requirements can be accomodated. Breakfast 8am, Lunch 12.30pm, Dinner 5.30pm.

Contact Details: 0208 934 6384.




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