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What should I pack?

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For your labour

  • Comfy clothes: whatever you would like to wear and a pair of socks!
  • Drinks: NICE recommends isotonic drink for labour
  • Snack: cereal bars are good to keep your levels of energy up 
  • Your TENS machine, hot water bottle, cool packs, aromatherapy (please mention to your midwife if using essential oils), massage oil, etc.
  • A music player + batteries
  • Your camera + batteries

For your newborn baby

  • Vests, grows, cardigans, hats, socks, scratch mits
  • Nappies
  • Cotton wool or wipes
  • Mueslins
  • Formula if you are not planning to breastfeed
  • A car seat - only for your discharge

For you: new mum!

  • Comfy clothes, prefer your tops with front opening if you plan to breastfeed
  • Breastfeeding bras 
  • Sanitary towels
  • Toilettry bag
  • Towels

For your partner - Dads can stay overnight in the postanal ward, you will find here the code of conduct

  • Pillow and blanket
  • Some snacks and drinks (the canteen is another option)
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