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Kingston Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP)

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Want to improve maternity experiences for families in Kingston?

Join us in a movement for change!  

Kingston MVP is an independent advisory body, a group made up of parents, volunteers from community groups (e.g. NCT), senior midwives, an obstetrician, GP, Health visitor, infant feeding specialists etc, who work together as a critical friend to the Maternity team in order to improve services.


You don't have much time but wish to share your experience?

  • Share here your experience of our maternity services (both positive and negative) opportunity to have their say and come up with solutions to make services the best they can be.
    The survey is about gathering invaluable feedback themes to feed into the Maternity unit, completion will not be designed to illicit a direct answer. However if you have a particular concern you wish to talk about, please get in touch with our team of Professional Midwifery Advocates  

You can get involved further?

We are looking for women and men volunteers who are inspired to shape maternity care, to come and work us, have their say and come up with solutions to make services the best they can be.

  • Regular meetings:
    Join a meeting at Kingston hospital for a lunch time session 6 times a year, asking questions, helping to shape decisions, and trying to make sure parents' voices are being heard. 
  • Project groups:
    Action orientated people who are willing to work on feedback channels from parents into the hospital and, report on the action taken.
  • Specific skills:
    Do you have a flare for, or experience in, an area that could help with specifics in a project like this? A designer, analyst, writer, researcher, a community leader etc?
  • Voices in the community initiative:
    We are going out into the community (e.g. breastfeeding support groups, children's centre play groups) seeking feedback on the experience of pregnancy, birth and postnatal care with Kingston hospital, and feeding this back in a summarised report.
  • Walking the Patch: 
    We are also speaking to new parents on the postnatal ward to hear their experience and implement quick actions where needed. 


If you are interested in being involved please get in touch by contacting Hazel via email; hazeljmeyer@gmail.com, More information can also be accessed via our Facebook page (Search for Kingston Maternity Voices - MSLC), or via Twitter KingstonMVP @KingstonMSLC.


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