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Birthmarks and spots

Once you begin to look closely at your baby, you’ll probably find little marks and spots, mainly on the head and face. Sometimes there will be larger marks. Most of these birthmarks will go away eventually. Ask the doctor who examines your baby if they will disappear completely.

Most common are the little pink or red marks that some people call stork marks. These V-shaped marks on the forehead and upper eyelids gradually fade, though it may be some months before they disappear. Marks on the nape of the neck can last for much longer, but they will be covered by hair.

Strawberry marks are quite common. They're dark red and slightly raised. They sometimes appear a few days after birth and gradually get bigger. They may take a while to go away, but normally they eventually disappear. Spots and rashes are very common in newborn babies, and may come and go. But if you also notice a change in your baby’s behaviour, for example, if your baby isn't feeding properly or is very sleepy or very irritable, tell your doctor or midwife immediately.

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