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I am a HCP / IF Specialist and would like to refer a baby

Referrals/Appointments can be made by GPs, Midwives, Health Visitors and Lactation Consultants but must have a completed GP referral form to secure appointment (please see link below).

Referrals can be accepted for babies suspected with a tongue tie and feeding associated problems that have not been resolved with feeding support alone and up to 8 weeks of age. 

Referring to us:

Download and complete the KHFT referral form below which should be sent to the facsimile number below. Please note referrals will not be accepted without a GP referral, please see referral pathway below. For enquiries via telephone please call number below, ensuring you leave clear contact details to enable us to contact you.

Facsimile; 0208 934 3705

Telephone;  0208 934 2920


Forms and Information

NICE Guideline Tongue Tie Division

Breastfeeding Assessment Tool - Birth to 72 hrs

Breastfeeding Aseessment Tool - 72 hrs to 8 weeks

Referral pathway



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