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Amenity rooms

Single rooms with en-suite bathroom facilities are available for women after they have given birth at Kingston Hospital. These 'amenity' rooms are situated within the Maternity Unit's postnatal wards.

The care and service you receive while staying in an amenity room is the same as for all other women within the NHS service. Your length of stay in maternity will be based on the clinical needs of you and your baby. The midwife caring for you will provide information regarding this.

Sometimes single rooms are required for women or babies with serious medical conditions, or when mum and baby are separated soon after birth. In rare circumstances you may be asked to vacate your amenity room and move to a shared facility. The midwife-in charge will inform you if this situation arises.

Booking an amenity room

You are unable to pre-book these rooms.

After your baby's birth please inform the midwife who is caring for you that you would like an amenity room. She will liaise with the bed coordinator and reception and inform you if this is possible.


The maternity receptionist will ask you to complete a form with your personal and credit/debit card details.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept American Express or Diners Credit Cards.

Amenity rooms are charged at £100 per night. An initial payment of £100 is taken when the room is allocated. If you stay for more than one night then the balance will be taken after you are discharged.

We are unable to provide an invoice for this payment.

For further information about these facilities, please speak to your midwife.


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