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Postnatal Wards

At Kingston we have three postnatal wards where care is provided by a team of midwives, support workers and doctors. You will be transferred to one of these soon after the birth. The time of transfer and the location where you receive care and support following the birth will be depend on your individual need and circumstances.

There is an opportunity for a named birthing partner to stay overnight with the new mother and baby please read the Code of conduct here.

** Partners staying overnight **

As off the 17/07/17, we will be unable to provide the equipment for overnight stay for the following 3 weeks.
We would like apologise for any inconvinience this may cause.


Worcester Ward

If your pregnancy and birth is uncomplicated (vaginal birth or caesarean), and you and your baby require only routine observations you are likely to be transferred to the worcester ward. This ward is located in the Esher wing at Kingston hospital. Your transfer is facilitated by a porter and support worker, either on a bed or in a wheel chair.


  • 15 single rooms with en-suite (1 disabled)
  • Two rooms have 2 beds with en-suite
  • A recovery bay with 3 beds

Thameside Postnatal Ward

You will come to our Thameside Ward if you require additional monitoring and support following the birth. This will include women who have had a medical or pregnancy related issue or in the event that additonal observations are recommended following the birth.


  • 3 single rooms with en-suite
  • Two bays with 4 beds and en-suite
  • A room with 2 beds and en-suite 


Transitional Care Unit

 "An area for babies needing care that exceeds normal routine care which includes support and education of that infant's parents" British Paediatric Association, 1992.

If your baby is born between 34 and 36 weeks of pregnancy, is clinically small (1.8kg to 2.5kg), requires blood sugar monitoring or requires antibiotic and is well, you will be admitted to the Transitional Care Unit (TCU).

TCU is a small unit caring for up to eight babies and their mums. It is part of the postnatal ward. Our aim is to provide the extra care and support you need to enable you to feel happy and confident when your baby is ready to go home.



  • 3 single rooms with en-suite
  • A bay with 4 beds and en-suite

Visiting times:

Only Mother’s own children are able to visit. Other children must be over 14.


** Amenity rooms ** 

They are single rooms, with en-suite facilities. Simply inform the Receptionist when you arrive at the main Maternity Unit that you are interested in having an amenity room and they will check availability. They are charged at £100 per night.

Please note:

  • Availability is dependent first and foremost on clinical need.
  • Amenity rooms are not private rooms, and the care and facilities you receive will be the same as for all other women in the Unit.
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