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Active Birth Workshop for Couples

This workshop is designed to enhance the experience of pregnant women who have attended pregnancy yoga classes, and for pregnant women with an interest in birthing their babies actively and naturally.

The role of the supportive birth partner is an invaluable one, and this workshop places a strong emphasis on this, so that the sense of “team-work” created will lead to a satisfying birth outcome for you both.

The pregnancy journey, which culminates in birth, means that your lives undergo massive adjustments in the nine months it takes to “grow” your baby.

In the workshops we explore the connection between the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy and birthing, drawing on elements of yoga, and birth hypnosis, with particular consideration to exploring your own natural antidotes to pain and tension, through breath connection, the power of positive thought or affirmation, visualization and deep relaxation techniques. It would be most valuable to attend this work-shop with your birthing partner from the 34th week of pregnancy.

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