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Birth and Beyond

A holistic programme of antenatal education for expectant couples

This course comprises of three midwifery-led classes providing you with the information to enable you to:

  1. Prepare physically and emotionally in the run up to birth.
  2. Birth your baby with confidence and prepare you if nature needs assistance.
  3. Prepare as a couple for the joys and challenges of wise parenting, and “why love matters”.
  4. Create a support network of friends through postnatal reunion.

We also offer two free pregnancy yoga classes to expectant mothers'. Please email lcatinelli@nhs.net to check the class timetable.

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The programme of antenatal education at Kingston Hospital is taught by a team of experienced midwives at the trust: Colleen Hayes, Maureen Solan, Christina Taylor, Alison Barker and Caroline Wauters. 

The first two sessions focus on labour and birth and combine information on this as well as drawing on elements of yoga, such as breathing techniques useful for labour, to help couples maintain a sense of well-being and positive focus for this finely tuned and exciting challenge ahead.

The third session is dedicated to parenting. This is an interactive, evidence-based session that explores bonding and brain development as well as attachment theory. All the midwives who teach this session have undertaken specialist training and are fully qualified to lead the sessions.

Chris Taylor teaches the third session on parenting. She has worked in Kingston Maternity Unit for more than 20 years, and has been a practicing midwife for… some time longer! Her experience includes all aspects of midwifery in hospital and community.
In some more recent times Chris has completed a Diploma in Pastoral Counselling where she developed a special interest in how an understanding of neuroscience can help parents create secure attachments with their babies. This in turn helps babies experience how to build positive relationships in the present, and the future. This exciting topic is the basis of Chris' session. 

Colleen Hayes teaches the first two sessions and is an experienced midwife with specialised skills acquired over a number of years. She has spent most of her professional life in the community setting. She is adept in imparting knowledge, sharing wisdom and responding to the individual’s emotional and social concerns about childbirth.
She is passionate that every woman should feel equipped and able to bring their baby into the world whatever the circumstance, without feeling anxious. Her wish is that each woman should feel a sense of wonder at her achievement and embrace motherhood in a relaxed state of mind.

Maureen Solan has practiced as a midwife at Kingston Hospital for more than 30 years. Most of her professional life has been spent working in the community. She particularly enjoys supporting women giving birth at home. She has led many antenatal classes to provide social, psychological and educative support for women and their partners. Caring for couples using hypnobirthing techniques has amplified her belief in active birth, the power of breathing, relaxation and positive visualisation.
Her passion is to enable each and every woman to achieve a calm and confident approach to the birth of her baby, to ensure the best possible outcome for herself and her family. 

Both Colleen and Maureen are qualified hypnobirthing qualified instructors.

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PS: If you have some more time to browse, find below some useful references and further reading:

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www.mindfulbirthing.org here you can find the audio guided meditation used in the Mindfulness-based childbirth and parenting; a link to the Mindfulness for pregnancy App.



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