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Short Hypnobirthing Courses

Hypnobirthing courses are effective, antenatal, preparation sessions that will leave you full of confidence, optimistic, and ready for your upcoming birth.

These 4 hour hypnobirthing courses are specially designed to complement the antenatal & wellbeing courses offered at Kingston Maternity, or any other antenatal course you are doing.

You can attend a course any time from 20 weeks of pregnancy onwards. The more time you have to practice the techniques and read all the follow up information & books that you receive, the better!

Key session takeaways: You’ll discover

  • What helps and hinders your labour, and what you can do to make it a great experience
  • Why hypnobirthing is so effective at preparing your body and mind for a positive birth
  • A series of quick, powerful, and proven relaxation techniques to keep you calm & clear headed


Hypnobirthing sessions are relaxed, enjoyable, and empowering. Here’s what you’ll be covering as we go through the sessions together…

  • How your mind affects your body and how you can harness this powerful knowledge in a super useful way during birth
  • How your magnificent body works during labour
  • What you may be offered during your pregnancy and labour so you can have informed discussions with your caregivers
  • Get you thinking about your options for your baby’s birth.


And of course we go through all the hypnobirthing techniques: Breathing; Guided relaxations; Linking the mind and body; Massage; Fear-release practice, and more.


Cost is £150 per couple which will include 5 x MP3's, the Baby Bumps book 'I'm Expecting a Baby', the Katharine Graves 'Hypnobirthing' book, handouts folder, email follow-ups. You are welcome to keep in touch for support until your baby is born.

Forthcoming Dates:


Sunday 24th June 2018 10 - 14.30


Further dates are in the process of being organised. Please contact our colleagues below for them.


To book please call Licia Catinelli on 0208 934 3031 or email l.catinelli@nhs.net


Courses are run by Jackie Kietz, NCT, Hypnobirthing and Baby Massage instructor - Reflexologist.

Please contact 07790 207363 or email jackie@baby-bumps.net to either book or for further details.


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